Mob Control

Mob Control

A thrilling and fun puzzle game you should play is called Mob Control. This game belongs to the genre of arcade games related to online puzzles. The player will have to stop a red mob from taking over his base with the weapons provided. And to fight them, players also need to send people to the multiplier portals to increase the number of members. From there, your force becomes large enough to capture all the strong points.
In Mob Control, in addition to doubling the number, players can unlock large cannons, mobs, or champions to upgrade their power. However, take precautions and avoid the red gates to prevent the destruction of the red mobs. Also, learning how to move the stickman gun anywhere is the best way to increase the win rate. But be careful, because the enemy will not stand still and wait for the attack; they will send a red army to attack the player's cannon. Join the game and fight together to protect the base from the cruel red mob!

How To Play

  • Perform simple operations, such as dragging or holding the mouse to control.
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