Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die

In Dumb Ways to Die, you make every effort to survive as long as you can while avoiding some completely absurd ways to pass away. Dumb Ways To Die depicts the myriad stupid situations you may find yourself dead in using the same engrossing soundtrack and (non-gory) cartoonish visuals. After you press "Play," the game simply consists of a number of extremely brief, timed episodes in which you must defend the lives of the endearing-looking but incredibly curious characters. But be careful—it will become harder the longer you survive.


  • Variety of minigames with a wide selection of characters
  • Extremely difficult levels
  • Unique ability at each minigame
  • Fantastic music video
  • Free to play

Tips and Tricks

Favorite player moves include shooing piranhas away from a man performing an absurdly comical dance (see above), holding a moose impersonator's gunshot wounds, and getting another man to run quickly enough to put out a fire in his hair.

Making a jet stay in the air is one optional game available. This is done by blowing into your device's microphone, so you may turn it off if it's in an awkward location or if it's not there at all for some inexplicable reason.

Some advice for you

  • What's up with his hair? Why not simply run?
  • Immediately wipe any vomit off your screen
  • Stabilize that swaying glue eater
  • Move the piranhas away from those priceless private areas
  • Catch wasps as soon as possible
  • It would be best not to let that insane killer inside
  • Remove forks from toasters with caution
  • Assist self-taught aviators
  • You fools, get off the edge of the platform
  • When crossing levels, be patient
  • Do not cross railroad tracks! Even for balloons!


  • Develop your dumb-death prevention techniques to access all of your train station's personalities
  • Acquire a copy of the original video for local use
  • Create your own Dumb Ways character with a variety of facial traits, gear, and other options!

The message

Dumb Ways to Die has a rail safety message at its core in addition to being amusing, interesting, and addictive, which makes it even more worthwhile to acquire.

Types of Users

All players can enjoy the amusing minigames in Dumb Ways To Die while attempting to collect every endearingly stupid character for their train station. Press the start button right away to begin the different enjoyable tasks and record your best score.


Who is the developer of Dumb Ways to Die?

Metro Trains is the developer of Dumb Ways to Die.

When was Dumb Ways to Die released?

Dumb Ways to Die was released on May 7, 2013.

When was the latest update of Dumb Ways to Die?

The latest update of Dumb Ways To Die on 6th December 2022.

How To Play


All of the characters in Dumb Ways to Die are drawn to perilous circumstances. Stopping them from dying is your job, and doing so will earn you points.

Each endearing and eccentric character, which stands in for a certain minigame, is facing a different kind of death. Once the game is finished, you receive 100 points and advance to the next round. Additionally, you may on occasion receive bonus points or a deduction; these are determined at random and have nothing to do with your real performance.


You'll have to play a variety of minigames with a wide selection of characters. You're unlikely to play through all the various stages in a single game because they appear at random. Once you reach a certain point threshold, you'll be able to watch the fantastic music video, and as you accomplish ever-higher goals, you'll be able to unlock characters for your station platform (homescreen).

There were a total of 15 mini-games in Dumb Ways to Die, each demanding a unique ability. You might have to avoid a bear, swat bees off someone's face, clean vomit off the screen, or use a fork to take toast from a toaster. There is just one that can be deemed "simple," and that is restraining oneself from pressing a huge red button.


  • To play Dumb Ways To Die, click the left mouse button.

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If you enjoy Dumb Ways to Die so much and crave more, here is some good news for you. Dumb Ways to Die has been developed as a game series, and players can play the sequels to the original as Dumb Ways to Die 2 and Dumb Ways to Die 3.

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