Slice it All

Slice it All

Slice It All is a fun and challenging game. When participating in the game, you need to overcome the obstacles ahead. Do it by tapping to flip your knife, then cutting them into two equal halves. From there, you will become a slicing master when armed with a super sharp knife. You continuously tap and flip knives to cut various obstacles like pencils, pipes, anvils, and more. However, you need to keep the knife in the air and flip it at the right time to get a better cut. If you're not careful, you can cause the knife to bounce off the obstacle and start over. Note that you must not touch the water or the ditches; otherwise, the game will be over. You should take advantage of the dark gray boards as checkpoints to hit them. It can be said that Slice It All is a simple but challenging game. It brings a comfortable and enjoyable visual experience to the players. Challenge yourself and become a slice master in Slice It All!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse, then click to flip the knife, and cut the obstacles along the way. If the team wins, the knife will reach the scoreboard. And lose the knife by cutting into an obstacle.
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