Box Run

Box Run

Box Run is a very fun and exciting puzzle game. In this game, players will test their thinking skills to find their way to the end of the level. To calculate the score, the player must touch and hold the tiles of the same color together. If you touch the tiles of different colors, you will end the game. The levels in the game have more and more mechanics and challenges, and the player must quickly adapt to the changing environment and rules. During the adventure, the player must think to find the right path and overcome the challenges. After mastering Box Run, you can try other puzzle games to improve your thinking skills, such as Lead The Ant.

How To Play

  • How to play the Box Run game is very simple; players just need to swipe the screen using the left mouse button or press the arrows on the screen to move the box. If playing on mobile, you can also tap these buttons to move.
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