Lead the Ant

Lead the Ant

Lead the Ant is a fun game that allows players to become the guide of a hard-working ant that finds its way to a store of sweets. In this game, the player will take the ant to the food and help the hard-working ant get the sweet candies. Do this by holding the pen in your hand and drawing the path that the ant needs to follow. The ant moves on its own, and players need to plan ahead so they don't run out of ink before they can complete the level. In addition, players also need to be wary of predators such as spiders and lizards. Use your lines to guide your ants without being caught by them and to reach the candy unharmed. This ant will appreciate your help, and the game will help you become a talented and skilled guide.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse or touch the screen to create smart strokes.
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