Balance It

Balance It

Balance It is a puzzle game based on the laws of physics. In the game, the player's main task is to help the main character escape. Perform using useful items and overcome obstacles. There are many different ways, such as using explosives, fixing objects with ropes, or flying into the air with propellers. The game especially helps players have a strong feeling and a bit of fun. With beautiful 3D graphics and many puzzles for players to solve. Find the best solutions to pass each level. If the player hurts a man, they will have to start the game from the beginning.
Each new level in the game Balance It has a puzzle that is more difficult than the previous one but also more interesting. If you want to try your hand at a fun arcade puzzle game, try Balance It. You will experience thrills and develop your logical and strategic thinking skills.

How To Play

  • Players use the mouse to lift spinning wheels with ropes or even weights, so packages and people can fly to the finish line.
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