Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey

Swing Monkey is an interesting climbing game with different gameplay than most others in the same genre. Let's move as fast as possible to win! When it comes to the entertainment game genre, Swing Monkey is a prime example. The monkey uncle in Swing Monkey has a hobby of swinging on ropes, like a real spider man. In this game, you only need to look at the closest point to grab and then do a tap to hook. Next, you just need to double-click to let the monkey rush forward. 

Control the monkey through all the obstacles that appear in the challenges quickly and simply, to progress in the next exciting level of Swing Monkey. Swing Monkey is worth playing at least once because it allows us to experience the freedom of a monkey in a vast forest.

How To Play

  • Just observe to get the closest point so that the monkey can rotate.
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