Tower Match

Tower Match

Tower Match is simply a fun game that helps players build a skyscraper. However, this task is not easy and requires players to be really focused to achieve success.
In the game, the player needs to stack the floors of the building and grow it higher. However, to do this, the player needs to correctly place the floors on top of each other and get a lot of money to be able to continue to develop the building. It should be noted that after each miss, the speed gets faster and faster, which requires the player to concentrate more. Carelessness can cause the bricks to be cut off, and they get smaller and smaller until no more blocks can be added to the building. This game is not merely a tough challenge but also brings pure fun to the players. The feeling of building a skyscraper is exhilarating and challenging.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to determine the exact time to place the blocks to make the building bigger.
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