Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a new version of the familiar card game that many people love. The gameplay is extremely simple and easy to understand, even for those who rarely play games. Just complete the drawing tutorial and you'll learn how to play this solitaire trio card game!
Solitaire Farm: Seasons is known as a classic solitaire card game that contains various puzzles combined with the beauty of rural life. The game is designed with more than 2000 different solitaire levels, making it extremely diverse and helping train your mind to be faster. What's more, you can participate in growing and harvesting crops on your own farm while playing the game. So Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a fun and engaging game that offers a fun classic solitaire experience. Also, if you are looking for a similar game, you can try Solitaire Classic now!

How To Play

  • Make simple clicks to move.
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