Welcome to Rummikub! This is a classic family game known by many. The feature of this game is that you need to combine strategy, luck, and fierce competition. The game revolves around arranging the tiles to create the smartest combination of colors and numbers to win the game. With a large network of online players worldwide, you can completely compete with other Rummikub enthusiasts. The main goal is to earn as many points as possible to become the ultimate Rummikub champion.

Rummikub provides options to create a game mode with its own settings. You can check which of your friends are online and invite them to join you in a game. Or you can set the turn-based time, number of opponents, and difficulty level to make the game more challenging. If you try this game, you will become addicted to it and can't leave it for hours. Play Rummikub for free now with friends and family to have fun together.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to select the squares and place them on the board. Win by being the first to fill all the tiles.
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