Red Outpost

Red Outpost

Red Outpost - Let's go to Mars to build bases and outposts here. This game is a fun construction and management game that stands out among thousands of others in its genre. You need to recruit astronauts from Earth to conduct construction on Mars. Your mission is more than that. There is still a lot of work waiting for you in Red Outpost, such as harvesting crops, creating solar energy sources, mining and using Martian rocks, and exploring new sources of technology on this planet. This game needs your talented management to develop at its best.

Red Outpost is loved by science enthusiasts and explorers thanks to its visuals and in-game story. In addition, this game also helps arouse people's curiosity about other planets in the vast universe.

How To Play

  • Harvest crops from the habitat, generate solar energy, mine martian rocks, and discover new technologies along the way.
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