Impostor is considered one of the most attractive and engaging games, with a fascinating story. A spaceship is traveling in the vast and endless space, but the crew on this ship is trying to survive the danger caused by the impostor. And the special thing about Impostor is that you will play the role of an impostor full of cunning, stealth, and danger. Be a wise impostor and try not to let anyone in the crew notice if you want to be the lone survivor.
Some tips for impostors include hiding in dark corners and waiting for the opportunity to attack the victim. In addition, it is possible to jump out of the ventilation shaft and attack from behind, making the opponent unable to react. Impostor is simple and fun for beginners. Enjoy this game in your spare time.

How To Play

  • Manipulate or use arrow keys to control movement.
  • Tap the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen to perform other actions.
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