Idle Startup Tycoon

Idle Startup Tycoon

Idle Startup Tycoon features a novel business model. People who are interested in business and leadership will really like it. In Idle Startup Tycoon, the player must operate and develop new businesses. Your mission is to improve the workplace, recruit new employees, and establish additional types of businesses, such as O2O food delivery apps, mobile game companies, carpooling apps, live streaming, Internet of Things (IoT) ventures, information security, and drones. In addition, there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new venture in suborbital space travel. You can create new concepts in the cloud-based workspace and send them to the cloud server. Then, the sales manager will manage them to generate revenue. 

To improve the efficiency of cash collection, you can hire managers with pleasant appearances to perform tasks. Various projects can be monetized without using clicks. In addition, attract investors to your company to increase profits. Consider playing this game to become a billionaire.

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How To Play

  • Use the double mouse button to move and play.
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