HexAquatic Kraken

HexAquatic Kraken

HexAquatic Kraken has a lot of things that make players feel interesting and exciting, right from the start. To learn this fascinating game, you need to dive into the deep with this distinctive match-3 game. 

First, explore the wondrous depths of the sea with coral reefs and beautiful colorful marine animals. Second, it's a new feeling to ride the tides; let's try to solve puzzles, defeat the mighty Kraken in a spectacular way, and keep the ocean safe. Finally, you can enjoy vibrant art combined with immersive gameplay or beautiful music.

HexAquatic Kraken is free to play, so almost anyone can try it out and evaluate it objectively. Get high scores and have fun playing this game.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse click to drag on tiles to link the same hexagons, making a match of 3 or more.
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