Football Legends 2021

Football Legends 2021

Become an excellent soccer player with your home team to win Football Legends 2021. In this game, you can completely choose your favorite players and teams and face the best players on the planet. world. Thanks to that, you can easily use the skills that the player has to score beautiful goals in matches.
Football Legends 2021 has many game modes. You can simply play against AI opponents or with different friends. The new game in the Football Legends series also gives players the refreshing experience of using their superpowers to move the ball at lightning speed and score goals before their opponents have a chance to react. The gameplay in this game is extremely fun, whether you want to compete in soccer tournaments, play with friends, or just enjoy the thrill of scoring goals. So this game has something for everyone.

How To Play

With 1-player mode:

  • To move, use "ARROW KEY" or WASD."
  • Shoot: Use "X" or "L."
  • Supershot: Use "Z" or "K."

With 2-player mode:

  • Player 1 uses WASD to move, the B key to shoot, and the V key to super shot.
  • Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move, L to shoot, and K to super shot.

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