Dumb Riders

Dumb Riders

Dumb Riders is one of the most attractive driving games of all time, in which the player's mission is to help racers overcome all dangerous obstacles. This game, players will select one of three levels, ranging from easy to difficult. Your main task is to help the racers overcome the obstacles and win each level. For  In Dumb Riders, you can use skateboards, golf carts, or old bicycles to complete all levels of this game. This also applies to player-created levels.

One cool thing about this game is that you can create your own levels and let other players try them out. Going through dangerous situations is fun, isn't it? Try playing Dumb Riders now.

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How To Play

  • You need to press the A or left arrow key to move left. To move right, press the D key or the right arrow.
  • To jump into the air, press the Z key or the K key.
  • If you want to play again from the beginning, you can press the R key or the two opposite arrows on the screen.
  • To interrupt, you need to press the X or L key.
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