Conflict Of Nations

Conflict Of Nations

Welcome to the super attractive Conflict Of Nations strategy game. Players will directly participate in the match, combined with their plans to win. The game is set in a real-time modern global war that lasts for days, even weeks, and in which the player has to confront many other people.

In Conflict of Nations, the player's task is extremely important; it is necessary to control the armed forces of one of the leading countries in the world, expand the military, develop the economy, research high technology, develop weapons of mass destruction, and engage in foreign diplomacy.

Try to collect a lot of gold to use in helping to speed up your weapon research and unit mobilization. In addition, players will benefit from the many gameplay-enhancing features of the Security Council. The game has a strong dramatic nature, making the player feel the most realistic. Join the challenging battle now and become the winner.

How To Play

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