Chick Chicken Connect

Chick Chicken Connect

Following the interesting connect 3 games, you are known for a similar game called Chick Chicken Connect. This is a simple game; you just need to connect three or more tiles of the same type to clear them from the board. In this game, the number of connections will decrease each time you make matching tiles. When the number of matches reaches 0, the game is over. However, you will be given bomb items when connecting more cells than the rules set out. In particular, you can completely save the skill meter by deleting the chicken and the fever meter by deleting the chick. With a simple interface, you just need to use the mouse to connect cells of the same type. Chick Chicken Connect is a fun, entertaining game that is very suitable for entertainment and stress relief. Try playing Chick Chicken Connect and see how many levels you can complete and get the highest score!

How To Play

  • Manipulate the mouse and connect the same cells to clear the board!
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