2048 Defense

2048 Defense

2048 Defense is a castle defense game with the goal of defending the castle against waves of enemies. On the defensive journey, the player will have to prevent them from entering the walls and going through many different levels. The game is a perfect mix of tower defense and 2048 puzzle games, offering a unique brain challenge. Players have multiple tower options to choose from, from red exploding ammo to blue freezing ammo. Combining similar numbers will help players increase their power, shooting skills, and ability to shoot red or blue frozen rockets. In addition, they can also unlock unique towers and shooting abilities, along with great visual effects. Defend your castle against waves of enemies in 2048 Defense!

How To Play

  • The gameplay is simple; players just need to click the button to buy new towers or upgrade them, and click and drag the towers on top of each other to merge them together.
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